Men’s Massage Oil


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apply generously to the desired area for optimal results. massage for 5 to 10 minutes or until the oil is fully absorbed, adjusting the pace to your preference. explore different techniques, and consider targeting other erogenous areas if desired. If used as advised – the men’s massage oil will have you going all night 


ladies – here’s how to give your man the best massage

Tantric – sensual massage 

He should be on his back, legs apart, and knees slightly bent.

Give him a gentle reminder to focus on his breathing as you touch his body.


Step 1

With your hands warmed and coated in massage oil, begin by massaging areas around his penis that can be most sensitive to touch, such as his thighs, perineum, and pubic bone.

Remember, slow, gentle strokes and movements.

Step 2

Focus momentarily on the testicles.

Massage and twirl them gently with your fingertips, cup the testicles in your hand while stroking other areas, and gently drag your fingernails across his scrotum.

Step 3

Lead into stroking the shaft of his penis.

Twist your hand around his shaft, do long, slow strokes along the full length, and then alternate to quick movements or switch to stroking with both hands.

Vary the intensity of your grip, the speed of strokes, and your methodology.

Step 4

Stroke the frenulum and head of the penis gently, but don’t focus your attention here.

Remember, you want to prolong his climax, so if you realize he is getting close to orgasm, slow down, back off, and massage areas around the penis.

This edging technique keeps him at peak arousal and near a climax, but maximizes his sensitivity to your touch.

If you sense he’s getting close to an orgasm, encourage him to take deep breaths and experiment with breathing the energy up from his penis into the rest of his body.

Step 5

When you’ve prolonged the energy of his arousal and you believe he is ready, encourage your partner to climax.

Some men have intense orgasms after edging.


Keep in mind, however, orgasm is not necessary, so even without ejaculation, encourage him to relax and fully enjoy the pleasure


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